Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Your Chance to Vote for the Best Super Bowl Ad!

Radio Row, in Tampa, Florida, has been busy all week. Sports talk show hosts are talking non-stop about Super Bowl 43. While the big game often doesn't live up to its top billing with blow outs the norm, the advertisements are always entertaining and often more memorable.

Some fans tune in just to watch the television advertisements and half time shows. Classics ads, like the Mean Joe Green Coca Cola ad and the 1984 Macintosh ads live on in our collective memories often more than many of the games themselves.

Local advertising guru Steve McKee has been measuring viewers response to the now $3,000,000 dollar :30 second spots for the last decade.

This Sunday, be sure to tune into his Ad Bowl 9 website here to vote for your favorite.

And if you’re interested in those wild Las Vegas proposition bets visit Over $10 Billion is expected to be bet on the Super Bowl worldwide, with a significant percentage of that on proposition bets (known as "props"). RJ Bell of in Las Vegas has compiled the most interesting props available.

You can wager on how long it will take for Jennifer Hudson to sing the National Anthem. The over/under opened at 1 minute & 55 seconds. Then, YouTube research discovered multiple videos of Hudson singing the National Anthem - with the average time being just over 2 minutes. In another example of the power of the Internet, the over/under has since been raised to 2 minutes.

Bruce Springsteen is the halftime performer, and there's props on based upon which songs he will play. For example, to open the show, Born in the USA is the even money favorite, with Glory Days the second favorite, and Born to Run the third.

You can bet on how many different food types John Madden will mention during the telecast. The over/under opened at 1.5. The public backed the "over" so strongly that the odds are now projecting a 70% chance that at least 2 different food types will be mentioned by Madden.

Props are available on the type of celebration the player will perform after the game's first touchdown. For example, you can bet on a spike of the football, or a backflip, or a bicep flex; most wild of all: you can get 20-1 odds on the celebrating player actually "mooning" the fans.

There's cross-sport props such as how many points the Steelers will score versus how many points Lebron James will score that day versus the Pistons. Based upon the game odds, the Steelers are projected to score 27, just about what you'd expect from Lebron versus Detroit.

You can actually bet on what color Gatorade will be poured on the winning coach. Compelling handicapping data exists on this prop: after both the Steelers and Cardinals' wins last week, the color of the Gatorade poured was yellow. Attractive 3-1 odds are available on the Gatorade being yellow.

My friend RJ Bell of said: "Nearly every conceivable stat and game result has a prop bet associated with it."

For all of RJ Bell's unique Super Bowl reporting, visit here.

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