Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Brief Intermission for Health!

The What's The Word blog began on May 11th last year, and since then we've had nearly 300 posts, including many audio interviews with some of the biggest news makers. We enjoyed posting from Denver during the convention last summer, talking exclusively with Fernando C'de Baca, VP Candidate Sarah Palin (albiet it for :32 seconds), Ariz. Senator John McCain on the back of his Straight Talk Express Bus, and all nine congressional candidates last fall.

We were the new kids on the block and I wanted to take a quick moment to thank all the veteran bloggers who showed me some tricks and offered encouragement and crosslinks.

But, now it's time for a little health break. You've probably noticed I have not been on air at 770KKOB for a couple of weeks, nor have I posted much the last couple of weeks. I'm dealing with two health issues, one easy and one more troublesome.

After beating back these health issues, I plan to start reposting. Hopefully, that will be by mid-February.

We look forward to being back on our game soon.

Peter St. Cyr
News Radio



Heath Haussamen said...

Feel better soon, man. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

marjorie said...

Peter, I hope you're all better very soon. Call me if you need anything! Seriously.

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